La Brute - a way to spend 5 minutes/day on fun

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I started playing La Brute a couple weeks/months ago, and I got pretty hooked to it..

La Brute

It's a very simple game where you sign up by following this link: labrute.

Once you get there, you enter your desired nick, and you already have an own brute.

The goal of the game is to gather experience. You can do that either via the daily fights (3 of them: 1 point for losing, 2 points for winning), or via disciples(eleves). For each disciple you get a point when they sign up, or when they pass a level.

It's taken me a bit but my brute is now up to level 15, which isn't that bad but not great either.

The interface is in French, so it takes a bit to get used to, but it's a nice exercise.

Fight time

Update-2009.03.15: got to level 16
Update-2009.04.04: got to level 17
Update-2009.04.27: got to level 18
Update-2009.05.25: got to level 19
Update-2009.06.20: got to level 20
Update-2009.07.14: got to level 21
Update-2009.08.14: got to level 22
Update-2009.09.11: got to level 23
Update-2009.10.17: got to level 24
Update-2009.11.23: Classement: ~8160
Update-2009.11.24: got to level 25
Update-2009.12.31: Classement: ~5770
Update-2009.12.31: got to level 26
Update-2010.01.17: Classement: ~4850
Update-2010.02.02: Classement: ~3990
Update-2010.02.03: got to level 27
Update-2010.02.23: Classement: ~2960
Update-2010.03.06: got to level 28
Update-2010.03.07: Classement: ~2500
Update-2010.03.28: Classement: ~1980
Update-2010.04.14: got to level 29
Update-2010.04.15: Classement: ~1620
Update-2010.06.01: Classement: 835
Update-2010.06.01: Victoires: 1002
Update-2010.06.01: Level: 30
Update-2010.06.26: Level: 31, Pichenette du Désert, Classement: ~1620, Victoires: 1061
Update-2010.07.31: Level: 32, Pichenette du Désert, Classement: 949, Victoires: 1142
Update-2010.09.14: Level: 33, Pichenette du Désert, Classement: 565, Victoires: 1242
Update-2010.09.19: Level: 33, Arracheur de Pansements, Classement: ~1410, Victoires: 1254
Update-2010.10.31: Level: 34, Arracheur de Pansements, Classement: ~1050, Victoires: 1347
Update-2011.07.16: Level: 37, Baffe de Richter, Classement: ~1710, Victoires: 1647