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As I often find myself busy jumping from one project to the next, I don't really find time to update my webpage. I really liked editing html by hand, and writing clean, nice-looking code, yet as time passes priorities shift. And I really don't have the time to do that now.
As I liked Jeff's and Chris's blogs, I decided to use one myself.
It's called Aether, and so far I'm pretty happy with it. It is easy to install (took me about 15 minutes), and especially easy to use. I like the fact that all you need is a browser to edit pages, and add new ones.
For those not familiar with blogs, it's kinda like a wiki, where you can change content online.. you should try it

Right now a lot of my attention (besides the EMC Project) goes to Photography, so you find the most stuff in there.

22 January 2010, 20:16 UTC in projectsradio

Work of art / just another appliance
For a while I looked online for a radio to put in the kitchen. Nothing fancy, just a wireless connected streaming radio. I found quite a few, but neither was just about right for me (either you couldn't edit your own station URL's, or it was too expensive, or just a crazy colour...

So while googling around I stumbled across MightyOhm's report, and I decided to build my own..


8 November 2017, 10:54 UTC in projectsFHEM + Sonoff + MQTT/mosquitto + Amazon echo/Alexa
A short description (mostly notes to myself) how to make a sonoff device work with fhem and alexa..


21 April 2017, 5:22 UTC in projectsWindows Live Mail 2012
So it seems Microsoft discontinued the Windows Essentials package ...


19 July 2015, 22:06 UTC in photographyAirshow 2015

Some pictures from the airshow this weekend.

Yes, I know I should have cleaned my lens.. Seems I didn't get to it after the seaside trip the previous week.. :(


28 January 2015, 11:10 UTC in projectsolder robot

Recently I started up an older Robot:

The robot system was built in 25.01.1989 (makes it 26 years by the time I write this post), but it has less than 1400 working hours, and still works great as you can see in the next video:


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