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The track from Oravita to Anina is the oldest mountain track built in Romania. It dates from ~1855-1863 and over a length of 34km you cross 10 bridges, 14 tunnels all with 340m height difference.

The track has sections with up to 20‰ climbings, and curves with a 114m radius (opposed to regular curves of 150m radius). That means you need to use special cars to run along the track.

The ride is a regular train ride, it's not special for tourists. During the week the train does 2 trips daily, on weekends only one (usually stuffed with tourists). There are 2 cars (as you can probably see in the pictures) with wooden benches, and wood-based heating in winter. There's a wooden stove in each car which provides heat for the whole car.

There is talk to close the track, as maintenance is pretty costly. It would really be a shame, as it's yet another great tourism attraction which isn't properly harvested. One could really promote it, have it always full and generate some income to support the maintenance for the track and train. But at the current price (about 10.4 LEI ~ 3 USD) for a 2-way trip, there is surely no reason to keep it open.