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Work of art / just another appliance
For a while I looked online for a radio to put in the kitchen. Nothing fancy, just a wireless connected streaming radio. I found quite a few, but neither was just about right for me (either you couldn't edit your own station URL's, or it was too expensive, or just a crazy colour...

So while googling around I stumbled across MightyOhm's report, and I decided to build my own..

I'm really pleased with the outcome, so I decided to spend a couple minutes to write about it.


Like MightyOhm I started with the Asus WL-520gU from the "local" HW store.

Next I used an microcontroller (AtMega16) to connect to a text-mode (4x16) LCD. Communication from the router to the micro is through /dev/tts/0 (serial 0) at 115200 baud (that's fast enough for a VU meter, if I ever feel the need to implement one).

I also used a couple of speakers (pretty crappy but cheap). In the end they turned out quite ok, they certainly sound a lot better than in the original plastic enclosures.

For the box I used some black anodized aluminum sheets which I had laying around. I eventually plan to do some additional painting (the sides of the sheets are silver - where they had been cut off, I colored them with a black felt pen but it's far from ideal).


I installed Kamikaze as per MightyOhm's instructions, along with usb sound drivers, mpd - well, the main used software, mpc - for manual interaction, ntpclient for time synch, and radio - the display software I wrote.

Basicly it's a simple software.

It's supposed to:

But as usual the devil is in the details, so I had quite a few versions till it was right.(ended up with about 4000 lines of code - including libs - libmpdclient, inifile - I used).

I also had to follow these instructions to build an ipk package which I could easily install on OpenWRT.

As of 2010.01.22 the last version is 1.4.8 (source - ipk).