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some pictures from an older project of mine: building a green-wave traffic light controller..

This was a project in college, for a course on computer architecture. The course was a nice basic introduction to processors and pc architecture in general, but the project we did for the course I'll always remember.

We were about 15 people in our group, and we decided to build a green-wave streetlight controller for our town.
So we picked a route, got hold of traffic conditions (numbers of cars passed in 24h) to justify the route, designed a distributed system (micro controller in each road intersection) etc..
It was a really complete project, starting from timings in the intersections to installation costs
To make it even more interesting, we also built a model (see attached pics) that prove the functionality (3 intersections, built with my first micro: Motorola HC12 using this kit).
Be gentle on the backside "hackiness" ;) It was one of the first real projects we did (the first micro controller based project ever..). We had to drive about 135 LED's, so we built some demux boards (T-style flip-flop and BCD decoder) to increase the number of available outputs. Also note the model is in a pretty bad shape (after about 8 years of storage..)